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Maui Recreational Accidents

Zip-line Accidents

Getting compensation for zip-line injuries

Zip-lining has become increasingly popular as a recreational activity in Hawaii. The rise in popularity has caused an increase of injuries caused by negligent zip-line operators. While zip-lining on Maui can be a breathtaking experience, failure to follow safety protocols can cause serious injuries. At Tateishi & Tanaka, our attorneys have an understanding of zip-line operations and the risks involved. If you are injured as a result of negligent zip-line operators, the attorneys of Tateishi & Tanaka will obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding zip-line injury claims in Hawaii:

Q: What are causes of zip-line accidents?

A:  Zip-line riders are placed in a harness that is attached to an inclined cable, rides the cable lines between towers and platforms.  The platforms are placed in strategic locations and are designed to provide the riders with an exciting ride with views of the island.  The riders travel at high speeds from platform to platform and must be stopped as they land on each platform.  If the zip-line equipment is faulty or the operators do not follow proper safety guidelines, the riders can be seriously injured.  These injuries are caused by:

  • Collapse of cables
  • Poor construction
  • Inadequate training of zip-line operators
  • Lack of proper braking systems
  • Failure to follow safety procedures

At Tateishi & Tanaka, our attorneys are committed to insure that zip-lines are properly constructed and zip-line operators are properly trained and that all safety procedures are followed. The experienced and competent attorneys of Tateishi & Tanaka are committed to obtaining fair compensation you deserve.

Bicycle Accidents

Getting compensation for bicycling accidents

Each year, over 500,000 people are treated for injuries, and over 700 die in bicycle accidents.  Bicycle accidents can be caused by rider error, motorist error, product defects, and roadway defects.

A bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle because of the difference in size of the bicycle and the motor vehicle and the lack of protection, will suffer severe and catastrophic injuries.  Because of the cost of transportation on Maui, bicycles are a common mode of transportation.  On Maui bicycle tours are a popular form of visitor recreational activity.  These bicycle tours start at the top of Haleakala Crater and the participants ride down the mountain enjoying the panoramic views and Maui’s weather.  At Tateishi & Tanaka, our lawyers have the extensive experience in representing bicycle operators who were injured because of the negligence of others.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding bicycle injury claims in Hawaii:

Q:  What are causes of bicycle accidents?

A:  Bicycle accidents often result in serious and catastrophic injuries.  These injuries can be caused by:

  • Negligence of the operator of a motor vehicle
  • A defect in the bicycle
  • A defect in the roadway
  • Failure of the tour company to follow safety procedures
  • Inadequate training of the tour guides

At Tateishi & Tanaka, our attorneys are committed to completely investigate the bicycle accident to determine the cause of the accident.   We are committed to insuring that the bicycle is properly maintained and the bicycle tour operators are trained and all safety procedures are followed.  The competent attorneys of Tateishi & Tanaka are committed to obtaining fair compensation you deserve.

Q:  How will my medical bills be paid?

A:  If you were injured while operating a bicycle, the insurance for the wrongful driver will pay for your treatment expenses under PIP insurance.  Typically, the amount of insurance money available is $10,000.00. In most situations, payment for medical doctor care, chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy is permitted. If the $10,000.00 is used, private medical insurance, such as HMSA, Kaiser Permanente or other medical insurance plans may be available to pay for some treatment expenses. This law firm will assist in making sure that your treatment expenses are paid by the PIP insurance and by your private medical insurance.

Recreational Boating Accidents

Because Maui is surrounded by water, recreational boating accidents are common.  Many visitors to Maui participate in a number of boating activities that include charter fishing, whale watching, boat tours, boat sightseeing tours and scuba diving.  Unfortunately, injuries from boating accidents tend to be more serious, if not fatal than other vehicle accidents.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding boating injury claims in Hawaii:

Q:  What are the causes of recreational boating accidents?

A:  The causes of boating accidents often times include the reckless operation of the vessel, impaired operators and inexperienced operators.  Boating accident injuries are caused by:

  • Reckless operation of the vessel, including excessive speed
  • Negligent operation of the vessel and adverse weather conditions.
  • Failure to follow proper safety procedures
  • Defective vessels

At Tateishi & Tanaka, our lawyers have experience in recreational boating accident cases.  We have successfully resolved cases involving failure of the boat operator to take a wave at the correct angle, failure to properly ensure that passengers were seated on the boat, and failure to heed weather warnings.

Other Recreational Accidents

Q:  Have the lawyers at Tateishi & Tanaka represented victims in other recreational accidents?

A:  While zip-lining, bicycling and boating are types of activities that cause injuries, the lawyers of Tateishi & Tanaka have successfully represented the victims because of:

  • Improper warnings and security at a county fair
  • A failure to warn, barricade, or repair a large hole off the fairway on a golf course
  • Failure to warn of steep cart path
  • Failure to warn, inspect, or maintain playground equipment
  • Dirt bike/off road accidents

Contact the experienced legal team at Tateishi & Tanaka in Wailuku

If you have been injured in a recreational accident in Hawaii, Tateishi & Tanaka have the experience and dedication to help you recover fair compensation. Contact us by email or call 808-244-3933 today for a free initial consultation.

Successful Results

    A married man and father of two minor children, suffers severe injuries and death from the effects of over radiation caused by the negligence of his health care providers and a defect in the treatment software program.

  • WRONGFUL DEATH $850,000

    A man occupying a vehicle that collides into a tree as a result of the driver’s negligence sustains multiple injuries, including brain hemorrhage, fracture to his leg, and seizures.


    While riding his motorcycle on a state highway, a man sustains severe injuries to his head and body as a result of the negligence of a driver making a left turn in his path of travel and the failure to install traffic signals at the site of the collision.


    A man is killed in a rear-end collision.

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