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Wrongful Death

Legal Assistance With Wrongful Death Claims in Hawaii

Protecting your rights after the loss of a loved one

In Hawaii, wrongful death is defined as a death caused by the wrongful or negligent act of another person. This death can be the result of negligent driving, medical negligence or recreational activity wrongdoing. When someone you love loses their life because of wrongful actions, you will be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. At Tateishi & Pascual, we will provide you with legal guidance and navigate through the complex legal system to obtain full compensation.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Hawaii?

Not just anyone can file a lawsuit after a wrongful death. Your eligibility to file depends on your relationship to the deceased. The following people can file a wrongful death claim in Hawaii:

  • The personal representative of the deceased’s estate
  • The deceased’s surviving spouse
  • The deceased’s reciprocal beneficiary
  • The children of the deceased
  • The parents of the deceased
  • Anyone who was financially dependent on the deceased at the time of death

Our  personal injury attorneys will determine your eligibility to assert a wrongful death claim and obtain full compensation for your loss.

What types of damages can I recover?

After a wrongful death, Hawaii law allows recovery for these losses:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical expenses related to the deceased’s injury or illness
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of society, companionship, comfort, consortium or protection
  • Loss of marital care, attention, advise or counsel
  • Loss of care, attention, advice, or counsel of a reciprocal beneficiary Loss of filial care or attention
  • Loss or parental care, training, guidance or education, suffered as a result of the death of the person

Whether the death was a result of negligent driving, medical negligence or recreational activity wrongdoing, our experienced attorneys will help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

What is the statute of limitations for Hawaii wrongful death claims?

In Hawaii, you must file a wrongful death claim within two years of the date of death. If you do not file within this time period, the court will dismiss your case.  It is imperative that you see an attorney as soon as possible after a death. At Tateishi & Pascual, we will determine if you can file a claim and will do so in a timely manner.

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The death of a loved one is always tragic, but when their death was caused by the actions of another, you deserve to pursue compensation. At the Law Offices of Tateishi & Pascual, we are prepared to help you. Contact us online or call us at 866.251.7679 to schedule a free initial consultation at our Wailuku, Maui office.

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